The CPC President visit to Edmonton

The president of the Conservative Party of Canada, John Walsh, was in the Capital Region last week.  Mr. Walsh, who lives in Toronto, was here to meet with the St Albert – Edmonton riding association and spoke at a breakfast at the Chateau Nova hotel.

Mr. Walsh and I have been trying to meet for the past two weeks but unavoidable circumstances have caused us to have to cancel meetings in both Toronto and Edmonton.  I read an article on an interview Mr. Walsh did with the St Albert Gazette following his breakfast on Thursday and I believe what he said is great news for all Conservatives in Canada.

I really liked what I read in this interview.  The party is in good hands with Mr. Walsh at the helm.  During the interview, he spoke about the nomination process currently underway in each of the party ridings throughout Canada.  My favourite excerpt from the interview is:

“We’re prepared to do the heavy lifting and make the difficult decisions to fulfill that promise that the leader has made and the party has made to the membership that these nominations will be fair and open and transparent,” Walsh said. “It hasn’t always resulted in the most positive of media attention.”

St. Albert-Edmonton’s nomination vote on who will carry the Conservative banner in the fall of 2015 – and face off against self-described “small-c” conservative Rathgeber who will be running as an independent – hasn’t occurred yet.

When it does, there’s a chance it might attract national attention.

“If this one is, we won’t shy away from that. What we will do is ensure that when the light is shone on it, everyone agrees that we’re not picking favourites, that we’re following the rules, that the rules are being applied fairly to all people,” Walsh said.
Read the full Gazette interview here

Unfortunately our party hasn’t always been seen as being “fair, open and transparent” so it is great to see this level of commitment.  I think the members of our party can be proud of the processes that are in place.  This is the kind of leadership that will assure the strength and health of the Conservative Party of Canada.

The Run Before The Race

So, I was told by one of my daughters that not everyone is as well-versed in the political process as others and it’s important that I clarify what’s actually going on here, what the ‘nomination process’ is all about.

This is not a general election campaign… yet!  The current race I have jumped into is to find a candidate to run on behalf of the Conservative Party of Canada in the next Federal Election.  The nomination happens BEFORE the election is called so that the party has a candidate in place well before the election.

Here is the difference between a nomination race and a general election… there are no lawn signs, no public debates, no candidate offices…. The individuals who would like to put their names forward, submit paperwork to the party through the local riding association and then need to be approved at both the local and federal levels of the party.  Currently, 3 people have announced their intention to let their name stand for the nomination in our riding. If accepted, the candidate will be nominated through a vote by MEMBERS of the Conservative Party of Canada ONLY!

Any Conservative-minded individuals can become members here before the vote.  So, if you would like to throw your support my way, the first hurdle is to ensure you have a current membership! The next is to spread the word to others to do the same.

This is an unusual situation for our riding.  Through a redrawing of the riding boundaries, the new riding of Sherwood Park – Fort Saskatchewan was formed.  Most of us were previously represented by the Honorable Tim Uppal.  Mr. Uppal has announced his intentions to run in another new riding thereby creating the opening in Sherwood Park – Fort Saskatchewan.  The Conservative Party of Canada has not yet officially announced that they will be seeking a candidate to run in the next Federal election.  We don’t yet know when the nomination vote will take place but the Conservative Party will give us 45 days notice- I will keep you posted!


With your help and support, we can win the nomination and then transition into campaign mode during the federal election so I can represent this riding in Ottawa!


Still have questions? Please comment below as I’m sure you won’t be alone.

My Opening Statement- History, Experience, Leadership, Integrity


My wife, Gerri, and I moved to Sherwood Park when Safeway was the only grocery store in town, Nottingham marked the edge of the Park, and Fort Saskatchewan was all on one side of hwy 21. We have 4 adult children and 6 amazing grandchildren. From attending graduations at Sal Comp to chairing the Economic Development and Tourism Advisory Committee for Strathcona County, I am part of the community and understand the unique needs of this riding.

This new riding has a long history with value in both its people and its assets. This riding needs a strong, confident, experienced voice in Ottawa and I have that voice. My words are not theoretical; I share only applied personal and business experiences. I have built multi-million dollar businesses and have worked locally, provincially, nationally and internationally in business ventures. I believes it is time to bring my depth of business experience to the political table to represent the people of this riding alongside Prime Minister Harper.

Leadership just seems to fit like a pair of comfortable jeans. From leading a boy scouts troop to chairing committees, to running meetings in a board room I have naturally gravitated to leadership positions my entire life

I will only speak about what I truly believe. Whether talking to an audience of thousands or with you one on one, everything I talk about is born from my experiences and comes from my heart.

Randy Moore-Conservative Nomination